Sonjas' Opera Diary

Sonjas Opera Diary Part 15



Tonight I arrived over an hour early to rehearsal for my hair and makeup time slot. After finding the container where I needed to be I got my smokey ninja eyes and then went off to get changed. Since you can only see our eyes once the costume is on, I wasn’t sitting in the makeup chair for long. Putting the costume on for the first time took some figuring out and help from one of the costume ladies but once we’d figured out that the pants had to be tied over the top robe part, the rest was smooth sailing. The most amusing part of putting the costume on for the first time was finding out that the black t-shirt was for my head and got tied in a way that neck hole sat directly over face and the sleeves were tied off at the black. Safe to say I was surprised at how good it looked finished.

Most of the run through went well, there were just a few kinks in the fight scenes where due to big hats and heavy costume some kicks and flips didn’t work that well. But with more practice and some small adjustments I’m sure it will soon come together.







Hearing the orchestra play and then seeing the costumes has really ignited my excited for the production again because of the huge role they play in bringing the opera together.


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