Sonjas' Opera Diary

Sonjas Opera Diary Part 13


We have now reached crunch time. A week out from the premier and we are now outside, braving the elements and hoping the weather gods are kind to us from now until the 27th of August. The stage looks great, its lowest point standing at over two meters, with the ramp and aqueduct ready to go. The first proper rehearsal on the massive stage began with burning sun, within the hour we had pouring rain, and to end the afternoon more sun. Erfurt’s weather seems to be very similar to Melbourne, my hometown, where the saying goes that we can have ‘four seasons in a day.’

I came a little early to todays rehearsal and in less than 5 minutes I had been asked on stage to be beheaded. Lying over the centre rock Weber conducted a ‘blood’ spray test, thankfully only with water, to see which of the two devices was more effective. In short I began our rehearsal a little damp.

During two scenes the ninja’s carry torches, and originally we were meant to hold them for the entire scenes but after holding the real torches for the first time I’m not sure if that’s even possible. They’re quite heavy and have to held in a very uncomfortable way or else the built in safety measure immediately extinguishes the flame. Since safety is the priority we are going to see how they go and Weber has already made some adjustments in the blocking to make things easier for us.

Tonight we are also going to do a flame test, which I must say I’m almost a little nervous for. But at least we still have a few days to get use to using them so fingers crossed.


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