Sonjas' Opera Diary

Sonjas Opera Diary Part 11

(Anne and Thomas Paul having fun with some bloody Tenor-Eyes…)


Part one of this internship came to a close today. Weber gave us a little speech before our rehearsal began and mentioned how Jackie Chan sings opera, does all his own stunts and is committed to his work like no other.


Until today I had no idea that Jackie Chan sung opera, and even though I wont be singing when I get to be on stage, I’ll definitely still be channelling him for my ninja role.

We worked mainly on the timing of specific moments during the fight scenes and Kim had also brought Korean octopus flavoured chips to share, which tasted a lot better than you first might think.


It’s been fun working with such talented people and having the opportunity to see what the opera business is all about. I can’t wait for this production to hit the stage because I really think this is going to be an awesome performance regardless if you’re an opera freak or not.



(Todd Thomas and Julia Neumann in close combat)


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