Sonjas' Opera Diary

Sonjas Opera Diary Part 10


From stand in to extra, today was first rehearsal as an actual ninja. I think I might need to spend the holidays, which are just around the corner, doing a lot of squats and lunges. We rehearsed a scene early on in the piece where the ninja’s carries torches for Ines and Leonora. The ninja’s spend this whole scene in varying lung positions and after a while you really start to notice it. But you live and die for art so I guess I’ll just get fit.

The evening’s rehearsal was an example of what can happen when singers/actors don’t take the time to write down and remember specific stage directions. One of the singers couldn’t remember their directions for a scene, which had already been rehearsed, and for this they had to swap with the second singer also singing the same part. It was a slightly awkward moment in the room but hey this is show business. A fairly unfocused rehearsal, but luckily it was only the first like this and Weber also gave a few notes at the end reminding everyone how little time we’ll have after the break to pull everything together.




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