Sonjas' Opera Diary

Sonjas Opera Diary Part 9




Our morning’s rehearsal focused on both arias with Azucena and Manrico. Manrico gets extremely battered and bruised all the way through the production so by the end he only as one arm and is essentially blind. He’s also chained up until Leonora tries to rescue him but sadly it’s too late and is recaptured and beheaded by Luna (spoiler alert). For said beheading we have a fake head that will be stuffed into a sack, but kudos to the props department because the fake head looks sickeningly realistic, and touching it is even worse.

For the evenings session the room got hot very quickly as we were rehearsing with the whole chorus, all the soloists and all the extras. We went through the finale of the second act where there’s a fight scene between…well just about everyone. For this scene I stood in for one of the missing extra’s that normally does all these amazing flips and tricks but sadly I wasn’t able to copy them.

The most exciting part of the night for me though was when I found out that Louisa, who plays the burnt witch can’t be in Erfurt for all the shows so one of the ninja’s will fill in for her. This meant though that there would a ninja missing for these particular shows. The exciting part of all this is is that the missing ninja will be played by myself. Conveniently enough for everyone is that I already know what I have to do in each scene, which saves time teaching someone else.


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