Sonjas' Opera Diary

Sonjas Opera Diary Part 7




Upon arriving in the theatre, we had a bit of a different set up. The rehearsal stage now had the length of the aqueduct marked out for todays scene work. This is where Manrico sings his last big aria before the fight scene where he’s heavily outnumbered.


We also tried out the scene where Azucena is captured and held with ropes by four soldiers. Azucena has super human powers, which means that the four soldiers get dragged around the stage trying to hold her. Because we’re not actually pulling on the ropes it becomes quite a task to try and guess where each Azucena is moving to next in order to anticipate how much rope and or pull we need. Once our Azucena’s left we rehearsed the following fight scene with the extras and the male chorus members. I stepped in as Azucena who is chained up, about to be burnt at the stake. This is also the scene where Andrea, one of our extras, will do her awesome fire tricks. It was pretty funny hearing her warning the chorus guys not to forget that she will pass by with flaming chains.




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