Questioniare: Todd Thomas (CONTE DI LUNA)


 Your favourite colour?




Your favourite meal?


Scallops, lobster, shrimp




Your favourite animal?

Cows, I like steak too. 
Honestly at home we have 4 cats and 2 dogs.
Since I am on the road so much. I have little to say in the arrangement. There are more animals in my house the humans. But they all have become part of  our crazy house.


Your favourite sport?

Bowling and poker. ( They count, right?)



Your favourite plant?

Lavender, lilacs, basil

Your favourite TV-show?

News shows. CNN Junkie!

 Your favourite author (prose)?

Mark Twain. Maybe, while he is buried in my home town, Elmira New York.
But right now I am traveling with 2 fabulous books.
The first title is DESIGNER RELATIONSHIPS by Patricia Johnson (PJ)and Mark Michaels. PJ had a fabulous carrier as a soprano. (°She is a colleague and remains my friend. I found her Violetta especially to be one of my favorites) This is a fabulous and wonderfully expressed writing.
I am also a reading ANATOMY OF THE  SPIRIT by Caroline Myss,PHD. Also a fabulous read.

Your favourite person in History?

So many. Visiting Erfurt, I have become more interested in Martin Luther. What a bold and forward thinking man.


Your favourite character on the opera-stage?

Currently, and this often changes between Rigoletto and Scarpia.
But I believe our world desperately needs to hear the words and see the life of SIMON BOCANEGRA.

Your favourite composer?

 Your favourite aria?
The one I am engaged to sing at the moment,
Il balen…
is interesting in that it is the closest a Verdi baritone aria comes to a love song.

Your favourite piece of music?

That’s to difficult to say. But on terms of non classical music my favorite artists currently are


If your life would be an opera, which composer would you wish for the future?

 I have a gifted composer friend Peter Hilliard. I love how he writes for the lyric stage.

His music is tuneful, easy on the ears and a joy to sing

 He and his lyricist, Matt Borresi will have fabulous careers as musical theatre and Opera theatre team

Your chief characteristic?

 I am a nice guy!  However, highly self critical and sensitive. I am hurt easily and have a tendency to live on my wounds.  But, that is why I read Carolyn Myss

Your motto?

Alles kann…
aber muss nicht




Your chief fault?

I am highly self critical and sensitive. I am hurt easily and have a tendency to live in my wounds.  But, that is why I read Carolyn Myss



What is your present state of mind?

Thankful, and blessed,…. but frustrated and lonely are always close by.




How do you want to die?

With out pain

Your idea of misery?

An awful thought. To outlive my children. This would be torture.

Your idea of happiness?

My family, all healthy, happy content, respectful and at peace in every way 



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  1. Vielen Dank für’s mitteilen! Es ist immer eine Überraschung, etwas neues von meinem Partner zu lernen (hihihihi)!! Alles Gute for eine vorragende Vorstellung. I look forward to meeting you soon. See you in August!

    Gefällt mir

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