Sonjas' Opera Diary

Sonjas Opera diary part 6


Today the sun is shining and it really feels like summer, and for this reason I think everyone at todays rehearsal wanted to focus and work hard in the hope to get out early. Both our Azucena’s and one of our Manrico’s were in this morning to work on the two duets they have during the production. Our dancer who will be playing the burnt witch (Azucena’s mother) was also there. From the costume inspiration board we have up in the wall, the burnt witch is going to look super creepy, and so I don’t think the ladies playing Azucena will have to try very hard to act scared when they see her.

The central story of The Troubadour is of Azucena avenging her burnt mother and so on stage you get to see the burnt witch as the puppeteer, using Azucena to carry out her revenge.

The rehearsal went well which meant the start of our weekend had begun.




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