Margrethe S. Fredheim (INES) answers some silly questions

Margrethe S. Fredheim


Your favourite person in History?

King Olav V 

Your favourite character on the opera-stage?



Your favourite composer?


Your favourite aria?

Tatyanas letter scene

Your favourite piece of music?


Britten`s Sea interludes


If your life would be an opera, which composer would you wish for the future?




Your chief characteristic?


I`m organized and extremely efficient


Your motto?

The secret to happiness is low expectations



Your main fault?

 I can be bossy.

What is your present state of mind?




How do you want to die?

No preference


Your idea of misery?


indulging too much in emotions

Your idea of happiness?

being thankful



Your favourite colour?




Your favourite meal?


 Pho Gà


Your favourite animal?



Your favourite sport?



Your favourite plant?

birch tree

Your favourite TV-show?

Prison Break

Your favourite TV commercial?

Your favourite author (prose)?

Jan Guillou

Your favourite piece of art?


            Munch – skrik




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