Sonjas' Opera Diary

Sonjas‘ Opera Diary part 3

Blog 7.6.17

In general I consider myself to be quite a nice person but boy do I love playing the bad guy. Today I got to stab a guy in the back; literally not metaphorically, this opera is not playing any games. Another scene we worked on was the very first scene where the following happens: Ferrando sings about his dead burnt baby, which he carries around in an open casket and then also burns a dead mans cut off head.


Pretty crazy stuff! One thing to note is that all the soloists have incredible voices and when they hit their big notes you can almost feel the vibrations from the sound waves.

A prop meeting was held on the back half of the main stage to demonstrate the massive wagon that will be used during the production. This also included the bonus of watching a techie get fake hung.

Back in the rehearsal room for our evening session, Anne and I stepped in as ninja’s with test ninja props. During this scene Leonora mistakes Conte e Luna for her beloved Manrico and gets sprung. This then leads to a flight scene between Luna’s men, Manrico’s guys and Leonora’s ninjas. The scene already looks great but I’m definitely excited to see how it will look with full costume, make up and finished props.





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