Sonjas' Opera Diary

Sonjas‘ Opera Diary part 2


Blog 6.6.17

First job of the day: be a ninja. This is how I kicked off the official first day of my internship at The Troubadour. Conveying the message of darkest night, although the audience will be able to see everything, the characters can only see whatever is near those carrying a burning torch. During the scene between Leonora and Luna, it’s the job of the ninja’s to light the way for Leonora while remaining unseen. Hopefully during my time here I can be similar in the sense that I’m the always there in the background being useful in some way.


The first section of our evening session involved the street dancers and other extras. During fight scenes their main job is to fall and die as cool as possible: with flips, spins and tumbles. This was the first time we also saw our burnt witch who gets dance around the fire banging her death bell. From my seat it looks like a pretty good gig dancing around as the creepy burnt witch ghost.



Next we worked with one of our Leonora’s, both Ines’ and female extras, on the blocking for the scene where Ines tries the poison. For Ines this is her final act of loyalty to Leonora, by quite literally dying for her. Interestingly enough though, Leonora needs three people to try the poison before she’s truly convinced the stuff really works. If you ask me, the character of Leonora seems like a bit of a righteous brat (or bitch if I’m allowed to say that). But one things for sure whether you like her or not, Leonora is a dominant power on stage.




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