Sonjas' Opera Diary

Sonjas Opera diary part 1

Fresh of the plane and into the theatre – the first day of my internship began with a load of new terms for my brain to translate and with a conception meeting. The Director, an artsy cross between a biker and a hippie greeted me with a fist bump before we got the run down of the stage design.

Rather than only performing on the steps of Erfurt’s Domplatz, this year’s festival will be making full use of the cathedral behind as the perfect backdrop. The opera ‘The Troubadour’ is a story of revenge and tragedy of Game of Thrones proportions. I’ve never been a part of a production on such a large scale so it will very interesting how everything will come together in four short weeks. After the conception meeting the chorus and production team met on the rehearsal stage to go through a section of blocking for one of the final songs. The other intern and I stepped in as Azucena and her wounded son Manrico    .

The biggest challenge of the day was trying to get a grasp of all the theatre terms that I know in English but sound ridiculously different in German. This is also the first opera I’ve worked on having only worked previously on theatre pieces.

The last half of the day was spent listening in on a props meeting which was long but very interesting to see how everything will look stylistically.

For one of the final battles the weapons are to seemingly come out of nowhere and for this reason many of the props have double functions as everyday objects and weapons. One example is the crosses for the nuns that have sharp daggers at the end.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the whole production will come together and look on the steps of the Domplatz.









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